Hollywood Rodeo Band

1976 - 1999


G. Fred 1952 - 2009

The Hollywood Rodeo Band was a popular regional band based out of Denver, Colorado.    Founding members were EP Davis, Clarke Wright, Hagan Day and Ernie Martinez.   G. Fred Swanson was the next to join the group in 1977 and Ernie went on to pursue other opportunities.  Through the years the core of the Band would remain EP, Clarke and Fred.  Other Musicians who worked with the group were, Matt Clayton, Rich Moore, Matt Pulizzi, David Rodriguez, Jim Gregg and Mark Rosenberg.

J.R. Rozack spent some time as manager, Billy Day was sound engineer and Steve Crabb worked security and record sales.

G Fred



We are proud to announce the release of the Hollywood Rodeo Band CD

Cowboy-Bluegrass Honky-tonk Dancehall Music

This recording is the best of four albums that were recorded in the 1980s and has been remastered by David Glasser at Airshow in Boulder Colorado

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First Overseas Tour Hawaii / Guam 1978


In December 2009

our dear friend and saddle pal

G. Fred Swanson passed away.

He will surely be missed by his family and friends.  Farewell saddle pal.

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